Direct Sales


Common Challenges

Limited sales coverage. Dedicating sufficient resources to renewals across your entire customer base can be difficult, particularly for smaller customers or international markets.
Limited end customer interaction. Your limited service renewal resources may require you to narrow your focus to top strategic customers, excluding customers in other segments.
Lack of focus and expertise. Your service sales may be managed by field or product sales people who are not well-trained or compensated to sell services. Or your renewals may be handled as a back-office or administrative function.
Poor visibility into services sales pipeline. Because information about service revenue is often spread across many systems, you may have limited visibility into your pipeline and performance to drive accurate forecasting.

Direct Sales solution

Our Direct Sales solution is tailored to fit your specific needs, and includes:

A direct sales team. we builds dedicated, highly trained service sales teams that operate on your behalf, under your brand. Our sales professionals work proactively to contact, quote, and pursue business well in advance of contract expiration and to sell the value of your service offerings.
Our Service Revenue Intelligence Platform and Cloud Apps are designed from the ground up to automate and optimize the renewals process. They provide your business and service sales teams with a trusted, single source of service revenue data and opportunities.
Quoting made accurate and easy. Our quoting solution includes the creation and delivery of service renewal quotes to your end customers – removing this burden from your own sales force, and improving data accuracy in the sales cycle.
Real-time reporting on performance. we provides real-time information that enables you to track progress against your performance objectives, to manage forecasts, and to gain valuable customer insight, on-demand.

Getting Started

We begin by identifying areas of your service business that are not optimized and where we can capture incremental revenue by increasing renewal rates from global maintenance, support, and subscription contracts. We do this through a four- to six-week collaborative project called the Service Performance Analysis that was designed by former McKinsey consultants.

We then design, tailor and deploy our solution through an integrated suite of cloud applications and managed services that are purpose-built from the ground up. We fine-tune them to provide your service sales team, partners, and management team with unparalleled control and visibility over your company’s service business.

Success depends on a single version of the truth when it comes to your services-related data. To address this challenge, we apply our service revenue intelligence platform to consolidate, cleanse, and manage your data from disparate systems. The result is a single source of trusted data on your entire service revenue opportunity.
Technology is Only Half the Equation

Our expert sales, operations, and channel management teams use this information to sell and renew your service offerings, acting as an extension of your brand to produce and increase service revenue.

These teams handle the selling process end-to-end, manage to forecasts, supply accurate quotes, and analyze performance. The ultimate result of their work is the delivery of incremental service revenue. On average the teams begin driving up contract renewal rates, revenue.

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