Software Solution

There is a growing recognition in the software industry that support and subscription renewals are an important, significant and relatively untapped source of profitable revenue.

But software companies that attempt to use product-focused systems and processes to manage the service revenue stream typically run into substantial problems that arise from inadequate renewals-specific data, expertise, and service sales processes.

Software companies worldwide, such as Adobe, CA, Microsoft and Sage partner with first point to improve service revenue performance, whether they sell direct or through the channel. Our software customers achieve results that include:

Improved data management. Customers gain a single, trusted source of Our Service Revenue Intelligence Platform integrates and cleanses data residing in multiple systems across product lines, divisions, geographies, and acquired subsidiaries to provide a consistent set of information.

Ability to scale service revenue. As product sales grow, there is a corresponding demand on business resources required to sell and manage related services. We enable our customers in fast-growing software sectors to meet this added demand.

Financial flexibility. Our fast-growing customers especially appreciate our pay-for-performance model because they incur no up-front fees. This frees up the funds they would otherwise invest in pursuing services sales, allowing them to invest those financial resources elsewhere for growth.

Improved customer relationships and loyalty. Our software customers increase their customer touch points by using our service sales experts. Our high-touch, value-selling approach improves our customers’ relationships with their customers and generates incremental sales opportunities.

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